Conservation Measures in Inland Fisheries

            The freshwater fisheries waters means waters, pond, course, river, stream and lake which is of a permanent to temporary nature and in which fish live and thrive and which is situated within the inland boundary along the sea coast of Myanmar.Myanmar is endowed with Freshwater resources composed of riverine and estuarine system. Its extensive river system comprise  Ayeyawady river which is about 2170km long and its tributaries are the Chindwin about 960 km long and Sittaung (560km), and Thanlwin (1300km). These riverine and estuarine systems provide for the nursery and spawning ground of fish which is main staple food of Myanmar people. Most of Myanmar people who live in rural area can access easily fishing in their place which is near creek or river, lake, flood area for their daily food. The fish provide as source of protein and very cheap or free nutrition for rural people in their whole life time as a gift of   nature.

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Fsrd department


Sustainable development of fisheries sector for food security, improvement of the socio-economic of rural people and contribution to the economic development of the nation based on fisheries industry.