Aquaculture Division

            The structure of Aquaculture Division comprises with Fish and Shrimp Culture Section, Aquatic Animal Health and Disease Control Section, Freshwater Fish Research Section and Water Quality Management . The main responsibilities of Aquaculture Division are to produce good quality fish and prawn/shrimp seeds for fish farmers, to ensure replenishment of fish and prawn seeds into the natural water bodies such as rivers and lakes and men-made water bodies such as reservoirs and dams for enrichment of fisheries resources, to conduct researches of potential marine and fresh­water aquatic species for aquaculture development, to contribute and transfer of basic and applicable aquaculture technology to fish farmers and to conduct environment-friendly and sustainable aquaculture methods such as Good Aquaculture Practices to align with ASEAN Guidelines of Good Aquaculture Practices and EU market requirement.

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Aquaculture division

Aquaculture division

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Sustainable development of fisheries sector for food security, improvement of the socio-economic of rural people and contribution to the economic development of the nation based on fisheries industry.



Ensuring  food  security,  food  safety  and  sustainable  development  of fisheries  sector  by  conservation  of  fisheries  resources  in  accordance  with  the fisheries laws.

Department of Fisheries

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